ATTIC was a gallery situated on the top floor of One Thoresby Street programmed by Rebecca Ounstead.

ATTIC hosted an exhibition and events programme that critically contributes to the development of One Thoresby Street studio artists, by situating itself within a national and international dialogue of contemporary art.

Rebecca Ounstead’s research and interests are invested in themes around gender politics, sociability, sexuality, commodity, capital, materiality and experience.

From April to June 2015 ATTIC will hosted Ground, a collaborative curatorial project by One Thoresby Street artists Alice Gale Feeny & Oliver Tirre.

Ground is a series of three exhibitions that took place upon a purpose built, raw MDF floor. The floor acts as an architectural device that illustrates a construction process; a foundation for ideas; a representation of an ever-changing interior thought that develops and re-presents itself throughout each exhibition.

Attic Programmer: Rebecca Ounstead

Contact: rebecca@onethoresbystreet.org

The 2014 programme included: new work from Benjamin Brett, Jack Brindley, Jess Flood-Paddock, Mark Pearson, Sebastian Jefford and Calvin Sangster; Editions from Blue Curry, Maria D’Elbee and Seb Patane; Performances from Benjamin Milan, David Magnifique, Rushmore, CUNT TRAXXX, Field Work, Horton Jupiter, Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Elle Andrews (Love Machine) and Rokk (Body Talk, LDN, Love Hotel); Talks from Pio Abad, Blue Curry, Lee Triming, Graham Caveney and Ruby Glaskin; and an international residency with Hotel Maria Kapel, The Netherlands.


ATTIC has been run collectively by members of One Thoresby Street since 2008.  Between 2013-14 Candice Jacobs was appointed Attic Programmer.

The 2013 programme included: Samara Scott, Laure Prouvost, Alex de Corte, James Richards, Matt Stokes, Zoe Williams, Alexandra Gorzynski, Richard Healy, Mia Goyette, Andrew Palmer, Joey Villemont, Stuart Whipps and Wasteland Twinning; and Talks from Alex Ross, Ordinary Culture & David Bell, Sean Edwards, Damien Griffiths, Eloise Hawser and Samara Scott.

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