From April – June 2015 the Attic gallery will be host to Ground a curatorial project by One Thoresby Street members, Alice Gale-Feeny and Oliver Tirre

Exhibition 2: Simon & Tom Bloor and Jim Howieson 

Ground is a series of three exhibitions that take place upon a purpose built, raw MDF floor. The floor acts as an architectural device that illustrates a construction process; a foundation for ideas; a representation of an ever-changing interior thought that develops and re-presents itself throughout each exhibition.

The project considers the process of looking and seeing and how this can be made visible. It speculates around the ways in which we learn and the potential of arriving at a level of understanding and knowledge through play and physical touch.

Ground specifically invites artists whose work acts as a bridge for performance and sculpture. Within three duo shows, performance is considered in an expanded way: as the subtle relationship between a body and an object. It may take place in the solitary environment of the studio or home just as much as in the gallery.




11 November – 23 December 2011
An action, event or other thing that occurs or happens again

3rd – 8th December 2010
Catherine Hunter & Ian Nesbitt – The Model

26th November – 1st December 2010
Candice Jacobs – Too Much

20th – 24th November 2010
Tom Godfrey – Orange in Nets

13th – 17th November 2010
Trade & Rotterdam VHS Festival

3rd – 10th November 2010
Joseph Hallam – Touch Down

22nd – 30th October 2010
Via Vaudeville! – The Dust on the Moth

4th – 19th August 2010
Oliver Sutherland – Nothing for Chroma Key (Trade gallery)

19th June – 3rd July 2010
Abigail Reynolds – Mount Fear (Trade gallery)

23rd April – 15th May 2010
Ursula Biemann – Contained Mobility (Cryptomnesia)

27th March 2010
Hat Club – Bland Awareness

21st February – 6th March 2010
Walden Affairs @ One Thoresby Street

26th November 2009
Tristan Hessing (with Mark Harasimowicz) (Hinterland Projects)