OR A HEAD TRIP IN A COOK-UP. A LUMP. is an illustrated reworking of the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem Kubla Khan.
It is the name of the inaugural publication project from Porlock Press.
To celebrate the release of OR A HEAD TRIP IN A COOK-UP. A LUMP. Porlock Press and One Thoresby Street present a gallery exhibition of works featured in the publication.

Featuring work by
Karen Constance (Blood Stereo)
Martha Glazzard (Hand Cuts Hand)
Craig Humpston (Ging)
Michael Lomon
Nick Lupton
Patrick Milsom
Adrianne Neil
Richard Peel
M.S. Waldron (irr. app. (ext.) , Nurse With Wound)

Opening Event – Thursday 20th October, 2016 6.30 – 9pm
Exhibition Continues – October 21st – 23rd, 2016

The project was borne out of a series of experiments into the manipulation of narrative texts by using process based systems. The fruit of this research was the creation of a simple method in which a text is transformed through the use of an online thesaurus, providing ample potential for surprise and unplanned happenings to coexist in interesting ways alongside controlled doses of choice and taste.

A chance encounter with Coleridge’s poem led to Kubla Khan being chosen as the prize guinea pig to be subjected to this treatment. Widely regarded as a cornerstone of Romanticism in English poetry, it’s opium induced tale of a dream-vision of Xanadu offered the perfect source material for extrapolation in a multitude of directions; whimsical, fantastical, profane, nonsensical and so on.
Kubla Khan was fed through the figurative mangle and afterwards a group of artists were invited and commissioned to make work in response to the resulting text. They were given free reign over their creations, with (possibly dubious) guidance offered by myself only if requested.
The opening event also featured a special live musical performance for santoor (Indian dulcimer) and tabla from John Ball, Musician in Residence at the University of Sheffield.