Cosmic Socks by Marie D’Elbée


For the launch of FOAM in the ATTIC, Marie D’Elbée has been commissioned to produce a new set of cosmic socks. Two pairs to be worn by Larry Achiampong and David Blandy throughout the event and five pairs to be sold as artist editions.

‘Cosmic socks are embedded with crystals that align with the constellations above an event. They open up a passage to get lost in the moment while the constellations echo to one another.

As the universe is in constant movement, the crystals of the socks only mirror the constellations for a few hours. The crystals are like a snapshot taken in moving matter at a precise date, time and spatial location.

The cosmological activation then closes and the patterns of the crystals become a trace of a moment, portal to a point in time and space.’

Sizes 3-6 and 6-12.