3 Animates

3 Animates

Studio Holder Leomi Sadler is proud to present an exclusive presentation of exciting artworks by the wickedly talented:

Hardeep Pandhal, Stefan Sadler and David Steans: 3 Animates

12-27th June 2021

Basic Questions:
Have you ever seen an image move on its own? No.
Have you ever seen a drawing come to life before your very eyes? No.
Is this the magic of animation? Yes.

The Gallery will be open 12-6pm on weekends, or by appointment during the week. On Thursday 17th the show will be open in the evening to coincide with the opening of Continued Existence by Faye Rita Robinson at Gasleak Mountain, also at One Thoresby Street. 

Unfortunately, the attic gallery is not accessible by wheelchair as it is up several flights of stairs. We apologise for the exclusion this causes and in future we hope to be able to set up a gallery with the appropriate accessibility. An online screener is available to those who are unable to visit. Please email leomisadler@gmail.com for appointments and further info.