Anna McQuillin – Ely

Anna McQuillin - Ely

The work considers drawing as a primary tool of image making and the reduction of form as both image and sculpture. Domestic objects are appropriated, often selected for their limited or unrealised dimensionality. These objects provide a vocabulary of symbolism, colour and motifs to be used repeatedly, combined in ongoing series. Their shifting status offers a non hierarchical exploration of material and practical application. Central to the work are ideas of incompletion and the relationship between linguistic and visual modes of representation.

For Ely, plans for tapestry works are redrawn remaining latent in their intended use. Alongside collections of vintage decorations, cast in their collapsed state and hung rigid within mobiles.

Anna McQuillin, b, 1990. Lives and works London. Studied Fine Art at Leeds University and L’École supérieure d’art de Grenoble.