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Annexinema is a peripatetic, not-for-profit arts organization, which focuses on the screening and performance of visionary and experimental artists’ work in sound and the moving image.

Annexinema was formed in the spring of 2007 out of a desire to exhibit and promote experimental and visionary artists’ work in moving image and sound to an East Midlands audience. As with many fledgling arts organisations, the idea originated from a lack of any such existing activity in the region. Annexinema is so named in homage to its beginnings in a disused warehouse and courtyard which then served as an annexe to Stand Assembly artists’ studios in Nottingham (http://www.standassembly.org/).

The first event, on August 2nd 2007, was a spirited and ramshackle affair, where a programme of experimental films, including works by John Smith, George Kuchar and Peter Rose, set a lively tone continued into the night by fire, music, projections, samosas and wine, which was described by one audience member as ‘like stepping back in time to New York in the 1970s’. These vaguely anarchic beginnings set the blueprint for some time to follow, and that initial feeling of Annexinema as somehow existing outside of traditional organizational structures is something which continues to form the foundations of what could one day be a manifesto.

Initially we had intended that future events would be in different locations, but bad weather and good feedback led us to stay in the annexe for a further four, roughly quarterly, events. Programmes varied, introducing new elements each time – live performance, installations, musical scores, and 16mm film, and our audience grew with each event.

In August 2008, the Backlit group took the Dakeyne St premises over, and we did one more riotous event to coincide with their launch, which was attended by over 150 people. Some time after this, the roof of the annexe sadly fell in and we were forced elsewhere.

Annexinema is now peripatetic, having put events on in venues varying from a shop unit to under a motorway flyover.