One Thoresby Street presents ‘Grad Assembly’ an online exhibition and post graduate project for 2020 graduates of the NTU Fine Art course. Project Participants are:


Alex Lennox-Warburton

Amy Walker

Ant Clee

Becky Greensides

Jenna Harris

Lina Vourlou


A mixture of online exhibition, mentoring programme, and social media residency, the project is a platform to support graduates’ emergence into the art world outside of university, with a focus on the particular difficulties faced during the ongoing situation surrounding COVID-19.

‘Grad Assembly’ centres around an online exhibition in January 2021. The exhibition will present work that has been developed over the course of the project, with each graduate liaising with a curator and web developer to create a unique page which will serve as a reflection of their work and interests, embracing the possibilities presented when working in the virtual realm. 

Project participants will have access to a series of mentoring and development opportunities, facilitated by several of the artists from the OTS community, taking the form of 1-2-1 tutorials, discussions and talks facilitated over Zoom. Artists will also take part in group crits around the development of their work and their plans for the exhibition as the project progresses. 

In parallel to the online exhibition being live, project participants will be given access to One Thoresby Street’s social media to share their practices with our audience. This will be a chance for graduates to put themselves out there to a wider audience that might have missed them without this years degree show. Keep your eyes peeled!




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Katharina Fitz – When Seams Become Audible

Opening Saturday 10th of October 12-6pm

Exhibition Continues October 11th – 31st, Tuesday – Saturday, 12-6pm

Booking for October 10th opening event:

Booking for general opening hours:

One Thoresby Street is pleased to present ‘When Seams Become Audible’ an exhibition of new work and the first solo show by Katharina Fitz. The exhibition is a result of Fitz receiving the One Thoresby Street Production Award, given as part of New Art Exchange’s NAE Open 2019, in which she participated with her work ‘Mise en Abyme – Collapse’.

In her show Fitz presents a series of objects responding to the Attic Gallery at OTS, with the works on display being the result of a 6-week long residency. The turned, pushed, pulled and suspended forms work as a reactivation of their surroundings, beginning to interact with the architecture and challenging our understanding of how we experience space and everything that comes with it. Here Fitz offers an invitation to resee these places we inhabit through fresh eyes, creating a new kind of imagined and activated environment. 

The physical engagement of the body is notably present in Fitz’s practice and traces of her creative method draw us into an exploration of the making of the works on display, where tools and jigs become part of the installation. Fitz imports studio arrangements and objects of process into the gallery in order to bring the intimacy of the artist studio into the experience of the audience. In her installations she prompts the viewer to rethink the making of objects, the behaviour of the space and how it could be animated, changed, or extended into something else.

Fitz was born in Austria and has lived and worked in Nottingham since 2016. She completed her MFA at Nottingham Trent University in 2019 and has since been selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 and the One Thoresby Street Production Award. In 2020 she was awarded the Gilbert Bayes Sculpture Award organised by the Royal Society of Sculptors and selected for London Bronze New Editions.






Exhibition, Residency


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Join us for ‘Soft Play Sanctuary’ the third Thoresby Thursdays in the 2020 series, featuring studio members Christos Gkenoudis and Leon Sadler!

PV 5th March 6:00-9:00pm.

Open by appointment 5th Mar – 8th Mar

Soft Play Sanctuary sits somewhere between Fashion Collection and Sculptural Installation: an ethereal, interactive collaboration between artists Christos Gkenoudis and Leon Sadler. A ‘Little friendship between works that would have been made anyway’ that invites the audience to involve themselves and experience what the duo have created in a very immediate way.

Leon’s works cross the boundaries between sculpture and accessory, being a midpoint between existing sculptures of varying statures. At once objects for snuggling and armour to strap on to yourself. Sadler makes it clear however, that this is not armour for battle, but for retreat: for the creation of a space for passivity that is ‘anti-power culture’ and ‘anti-empowerment’.

‘What if empowerment isn’t ‘you’? What are your options? Pause and accept the positive sides of weakness, softness and passivity *sigh*’

Christos is adding to and augmenting Leon’s armour, creating outfits of flowing fabric, soft sculpture and straps: cloaks of tranquility, straight from a different world, where tenderness is the key. Drawing from a DIY ethos Gkenoudis strives to make work that embodies vulnerablity & the temporary.

‘Stopping time. Falling into clouds. A snapshot of what feeling is, what passivity is: it’s about the letting go, about acceptance, going down the river, opening up.’


Exhibition Series


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Join us for ‘Not In Time’ the second Thoresby Thursdays in the 2020 series, featuring One Thoresby Street Director Tristan Hessing, Studio Member Georgia O’Reilly and New Contemporaries Studio Bursary Recipient Viviana Troya!

The show is set to be a sleek display of sculpture, painting and installation from the trio. We look forward to seeing you there!

PV 27th February 6:00-9:00pm.

Open by appointment 28th Feb – 1st Mar


Exhibition Series


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Thoresby Thursdays returns in 2020 with ‘When We Thought the Coast Was Clear’

The exhibition is a collaboration between studio residents Adam Grainger and Lisa Selby (@bluebaglife).


‘Adam takes photos of the coast.

Elliot and Lisa went to the coast on day release from prison.

Adam, Elliot and Lisa began talking about the coast.

Elliot and Lisa have not been to the coast with Adam, however Adam visits the coast alone often.’

PV 30th January 7:00-10:00pm
Can’t wait to see you there! 


Exhibition Series


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