11 MAY 2013
12pm u2013 5pm

u201cNow I feel weu2019ve entered a strange new sensory realm; the vivid and mortal sensations created by the convincing visual surface texture of HD, the warm regard you feel towards your stamped metal devices, or the aboriginal shudder you get watching ASMR videos on YouTube. Paradoxically cold autistic cyberspace takes us back to an appreciation of sensuality.u201d

Excerpt from u201cTechno-animism, Lauren Cornell interviews four artists u2013 John Kelsey, Katja Novitskova, Jacolby Satterwhite and Mark Leckey u2013 about their perception or preoccupation with our relationship with the non-human worldu201d, Mousse Magazine.

To co-inside with the Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, a curated show by Mark Leckey at Nottingham Contemporary, you are invited to AVAVAVAVA, a one day media lounge, swap shop, digital library and virtual jumble sale.

Come and share your collections of digital and analogue footage, films, music, youtube clips, playlists, swap digital content with analogue, bring along any unwanted VHS tapes, vinyl records, DVDs, CDs, old mix-tapes, stereos, walkmans, record players and contribute towards an evolving exhibition throughout the day which will morph and change as people bring and take content away.
All content is given and taken away for free.
Music & Entertainment will be provided from what is brought to us by you.
Soup, Stew, Cakes, Tea, Coffee & Beer will be available throughout the day.

This event was part of the Attic programme, an Arts Concil funded project, run by Candice Jacobs from 2013-2014 and Rebecca Ounstead from 2014-2015.