Wigflex City Festival

‘This October, Wigflex turn 15 and to celebrate we’re putting on our biggest multi-venue, day to night dance to date.

We’re taking over our favourite city in the world and filling 20+ venues with all the weird and wonderful Art and visuals we’ve become synonymous for since 2006.

Think never before danced in outdoor spaces, warehouses, basements, churches and more. All filled to the brim with some of the heaviest hitters in the game, including old Flex family favourites and debut performances a plenty.

We can’t wait to see you down the front..’


Images by Frankie Casillo, Giulia Spadafora & Matt Woodham


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Late Harvest

‘Late Harvest’ was an afternoon of talks, activities and food to celebrate the studios 13 year long tenure in the building! The event took place in our newly refurbished project space and outdoors with gazebos for shelter displaying artist and alumna Sophie Giller’s colourful patchwork designs. This was followed by a party with DJs Feminem & Jonathan P. Watts and drinks as befits OTS tradition.
Since 2008 OTS has hosted hundreds of creatives through residencies and studio membership, with many artist-run initiatives tracing their origins to OTS. During Late Harvest we invited attendees to celebrate the events, relationships and projects that may not have taken form without OTS as a host. We reflected together on the building itself – as a body that has sustained us – while its future is increasingly uncertain. Through this event we hope that we can initiate a future vision where the OTS community may inhabit new spaces, harnessing the potential of this change to sow the seed of new relationships.
Reviews and writing about Late Harvest:

Late Harvest Review – Paul Paschal

Turning the Soil Blog Post – DARP

Daytime Activities:
‘Alternative Well Dressing’
For this family friendly activity we  adapted the Derbyshire tradition of well dressing. Creating vibrant patterns using autumn blooms to adorn the OTS yard bar for the party in the evening.
‘Turning the Soil’
Roundtable discussion with local artist-leds, facilitated by Sean Cummins and Effy Harle. Participating guests include members of Chaos Magic, DARP, Four/Four, Gasleak Mountain, Kühle Wampe and Mansions of the Future.
Artist-led initiatives have long been part of the fibre of OTS. Following this tradition, in Turning the soil we reflected on the dynamic ways cultural institutions, however big or small, have to shapeshift and adapt while navigating the changing nature of our cities. Hibernating, resetting, even dissolving are part of cultural composting. Turning the soil gave all of us a moment to take stock and to jumpstart the conversation about our shared future in Nottingham and beyond.
‘Historic Building Tour’
Here we joined artist Kathryn Cooper to learn about the area and the OTS building, which over its hundred year history has hosted several of Nottingham’s iconic industries. Initially playing a part in the city’s textile production, it later became part of the Boots Island Site before being converted to artist studios in 2008.
‘Leomi Sadler’s Publication Fair and OTS Artists’ Stall’

Studio holder Leomi Sadler hosted a wide spanning publication fair ‘Famicon Express / Mould Map and Global Colleagues’ featuring: Landfill Editions, Decadence Comics, Bonehouse Books, Les Lilas (Blessure Magazine), Megapress, Han Teng / Aushan, Russell Maurice, Coco Palluck, Noel Freibert, Hardeep Pandhal, Horfee and many more…

This ran alongside a sale of print editions, original works, homeware and more from OTS Studio Holders

‘Open Studios’
 To shift into our night time events the community opened up their studios to the public, allowing people to get a glimpse at the variety of practices taking place in the building. Visitors were encouraged to explore the building, where artists were on hand to talk about their work, or just say hello.


Late Harvest was co-produced alongside Effy Harle, and featured the design work of Saria Digregorio


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World Event Young Artists

This global event showcased a selection of the best international creative talent, across a spectrum of artforms, in one city, providing an opportunity for 1000 artists from 100 nations to join together and share their creativity on an international platform.

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