OTS Christmas Raffle

OTS Christmas Raffle

For Christmas 2020 held a Raffle of works from some of our studio holders and friends! We had everything from paintings and prints, to homeware and clothing. We wanted to make some great works as accessible to as many people as possible, so tickets cost just £2.50 each. 
On the 23rd a live draw for all the prizes took place on Instagram, with hosting and assistance from the wonderful Ellen Angus, Claudia Cumberbatch Chedzoy, Harry Freestone & Leomi Sadler

Raising over £1,500, the proceeds of the raffle were split, with a portion being donated to Juno Women’s Aid, a Nottingham charity working to support women, children and teens affected by domestic abuse, and a portion going to maintenance and improvements around the building here at OTS.

Participants included:
Ellen Angus – @ellen.angus
Kathryn Cooper – @essentialserviceagram
Sean Cummins – @seancumminsart
Blue Firth – @dohmshop
Katharina Fitz – @katharina_fitz
Lynn Fulton – @lynncfulton
Katie Gillies – @ktgillies_surfacedesign
Adam Grainger – @a.grngr
Freddy Griffiths – @freddy.griffiths
Chloë Laycock – @chloemaylaycock
Sophie Mackfall – @sophiemackfall
Catherine Masters – @renie__m
Leomi Sadler – @leomi_leon_sadler
James E Smith – @jamesedwardsmith
Adam Peter Smith – @adampetersmithmusic
Matt Woodham – @mattwoodham
Raffle Organisation & Admin: Harry Freestone & Adam Grainger