Late Harvest Party

Late Harvest Party

Following our afternoon of talks, and activities we opened up our newly expanded project space and brought back the OTS tradition of partying.
DJs Feminem & Jonathan P. Watts were joined by some our own community including Marika, Ellen Angus & Naomi Nakazato and laid down the tracks until the early hours of the morning. 
From Paul Hughes: 

‘The day is coming to an end. The ground-floor space has been cleared. Matt Woodham has rigged some lights and DJ FEMINEM has started to play. It’s cold – we’re now definitely past summer – but as I dance I begin to strip off layers of clothes. After months of lockdown, I’ve yearned for this. I’m grinning, sweating, weaving through the space, bouncing between friends and strangers. I imagine a flow of energy vibrating from the bodies in the room, into the walls and floor, back into the people, past and present and future.’

Late Harvest Review – Paul Hughes

Late Harvest was co-produced alongside Effy Harle, and featured the design work of Saria Digregorio