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AUTO.LOCUS are a collective of artists, curating and facilitating events, exhibitions, workshops and all in between, offering space for people to discuss, share, connect and educate


Charlie Dean

Performance, sound and video artist, exploring the prescriptive body through fabricated systems of bodily interaction and augmentation.


Kathryn Cooper


Curtis Fell

I run a model making company called Ramshackle Games. I make and sell model kits online. Check the web site at You can find Ramshackle Games on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course Patreon.

Broken Bay, You Know You Want Me, 2019, 1

Harry Freestone


Christos Gkenoudis

Christos Gkenoudis is an artist using garments, performance and video, exploring how the tender and the dramatic is applied to a body, analysing its performance in the everyday and the image it projects.


Georgia O'Reilly


Matthew Jamieson





Lisa Selby

Lisa Selby works under the name 'bluebaglife' with her partner Elliot Murawski. They offer the perspectives of people incarcerated, as well as loved ones supporting from the outside, alongside all who experience and addiction in their lives. They are growing a community, providing a platform for the voices of others, to connect and form a strong and motivated network, in the hope of undoing shame and making social change.


Viviana Troya

My work concerns notions of displacement of time and absence, seeking to understand who and where we are in time via technology.


Ellen Angus


Pádraig Condron

My work considers the human body, distinct from the mind, as a space we pour ourselves into and perform in. I consider the ways in which the ownership of this body is challenged, and invaded by limiting and expectant regimes. My work seeks to return the audience to a place of somatic authenticity. Using text, performance, video and audio I invite the viewer into a space that allows them to consider their own limitations and how the functions of our bodies are sanitised. Our natural human wetness is unacceptable. Sweating and spitting and dripping and leaking, the body is an object that we have been convinced we should distrust.


Lynn Fulton

The work is the process of choosing, positioning, placing and making, and each part of this should be active, setting up connections or a dialogue between things. There are contradictions, something that represents something that is in the world, made out of DIY materials, finding things that look like something without being it. The time spent sifting, organizing and placing becomes the experience of looking. My most recent body of work takes as a starting point offcuts of plywood, either that I have found or made myself. There is something compelling in the left over, the bit that was taken away from something that was the focus that is now lost. I am interested in colour as a way to articulate space, pattern and shape, exploring patterns to make unknowable forms, the relationships between clothing and our bodies and a pattern of fields in a flat landscape.


Freddy Griffiths


Adam Grainger

Co-Curator at Four/Four, Primary, Nottingham. Initiator of Studio Coordinator at One Thoresby Street. Artist exploring sublimity and melancholy, with current interests in new mythologies, black metal, the sun and the sea.


L Sadler


Sophie Mackfall


Alex Pain


Adam Smith

Creative woodwork, contemporary woodturning and miniatures.


Matt Woodham

Matt Woodham is an artist, designer and technologist. Searching for sense in systems. Exploring emergence with audio-visual experiences.


Ellen Brady

Artist working within and around the parameters of moving image. I am concerned with our internal world, the imagination, mental images and the relationship these have to our external world, our bodies, nature, non-human consciousness and the notion of 'the event’.


Sean Cummins

I work between abstraction and figuration. Employing strategies of flatness, I make paintings from found images as a kind of archaeological process. Every time I make a painting, even from the same source, a different quality comes through. I am not interested in the question of completing or resolving my work as a photographic representation. I juxtapose the image with painterly strategies whereby flatness, shape and colour are prioritised. The aim is to give new life through a subversive representation. My practice is similar to a reverse modernism that exposes the idealism of that time to our present gaze.


Victor Dixon

My work uses sculpture and architectural miniaturisation to examine the human relationship with land and locations. Recently my research has been focused on the use of land and our ways of relating to it through history.


Blue Firth


Katie Gillies


Tristan Hessing

Tristan Hessing’s work incorporates darkroom photography, 8mm film, sculpture, and installation. Typically monochromatic and process driven, his work explores surface, geometry and place. The presence of his work is peripheral, providing a subtle arrival at a set of ideas, and hiding a meticulous and controlled process of trial and error. At the core of his work lies an enquiry into the way we interact with space and perceive our environment, brought about through subtle spacial interventions and manipulations and meticulous attention to detail. Tristan’s practice is informed by his many ongoing exchanges as part of his multiple roles as artist, gallerist, and studio owner. He co-founded Moot gallery in 2005, and this project evolved into One Thoresby Street, an artist’s studio complex, project space, and production facility, where he currently holds the position of director.


Renie Masters

My practice lies between painting and sculpture, using various materials, and my work is based on my collection of patterned ceramic shards found whilst walking.

OTS icon, Emily Stollery

Emily Stollery

Led by the seductive properties of materials, process and assemblage then run in parallel in order for the work to emerge somewhere inbetween. Materials meet instinct to create forms born out of spontaneity; the in the moment to and fro of maker and material. I choose to shift, and reappropriate the natural associations we have with these materials, in a way that somewhat goes against the ‘rules’ of my chosen medium. Breaking them out of the confines of what we know they are capable of, and perhaps suggesting an alternative. Seemingly hard transformed to a fluid form. Softness frozen solidly in a fixed state. Alluding to many things leaves you suspended in a state of unknowingness. For why should you need to know everything?