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Established in 2005, Moot soon came to be recognised as one of the most important independent galleries to come out of the East Midlands since The Midland Group of the 1980s, significantly raising the national and international profile of contemporary art in Nottingham.

Between 2004-2008 Moot was based in the old Stand Assembly studio building on Dakeyne Street, Sneinton.  In 2008 Moot was offered the warehouse space on 1 Thoresby Street by Biocity and moved the organisation and Stand Assembly studios into the new space; whilst offering the old space to a group of recent graduates who soon went on to establish Backlit.  Dakeyne street has recently received a multi million pound investment from the Creative Quarter and will be set up as a centre for Broadcasting in the arts.

Moot was established by five highly ambitious and passionate young artists who all graduated from The Nottingham Trent University BA Fine Art course in 2004; Bruce Asbestos, Tristan Hessing, Candice Jacobs, Matthew Jamieson and Tom Godfrey.  The group identified a need to retain talented artists within the city and provide Nottingham with a consistent programme of challenging contemporary arts exhibitions and events.

Moot supported the career of a number of artists including: Jack Strange, Jessica Warboys, Eloise Hawser, Nicolas Deshayes, Sara Mackillop, Magali Reus, S Mark Gubb, Morag Keil, Berndnaut Smilde and Rachel Reupke.

The gallery provided over 250 people with professional development opportunities, including new artwork commissions, artwork sales, public exhibition, consultation, internships and written/image based publications.

Moot attended a number of international art fairs including Zoo Art Fair, London and Artissima, Italy; which encouraged a regional art market increasing commerciality for the region.

In 2007 & 2008, Moot were awarded the Visual Arts award at the Nottingham Creative Business Awards, an award which helped to establish Moot as a respected Nottingham based arts space.

Moot was selected as one of the top 5 “Upcoming Galleries” in The Times (05/01/08) and one of the “Top 10 Galleries” in The Independent (15/07/08).