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Sophie Mackfall – Y Shaped Strokes

Join us for 'Y Shaped Strokes' the conclusion of Sophie Mackfall's New Contemporaries Studio Bursary here at One Thoresby Street.
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TST: Closure: An Interactive Funeral

We are gathered here today in loving memory of all our broken promises, cancelled plans and continental romances. Come and carve up a clay gravestone for catharsis and closure - with cocktails.
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TST: New Composites (Minuments and Amalgamates)

New Composites (Minuments and Amalgamates) shows examples of recent works from Lotti V Closs using the ongoing process of a visual, material language that has developed to become central to her practice.
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TST: Dystopian Pressure Group

Join us for the second exhibition in our new Thoresby Thursdays series ‘Dystopian Pressure Group’, bringing together artists Kathryn Cooper, Curtis Fell and Dexter Prior.
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TST: Yellow Moving Edge

Our first Thoresby Thursdays show opens with ‘Yellow Moving Edge’, bringing together artists Lynn Fulton and Sophie Mackfall.
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Duck Of Ambivalence – Marica Bacilla

The future is near, the oracle will speak, you better come and listen!!! Do you want to know? Step in, be afraid if you must, the future can be scary; give the command: out of its mouth comes The Truth °
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