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Sideshow Exhibition

Sideshow Exhibition

During Sideshow 2010, One Thoresby Street hosted a series of week long exhibitions and events to support the development of its studio artists. This programme of activities took place in the Attic, the top floor space of the Victorian warehouse with an impressive presence and character.

One Thoresby Street’s Attic Programme has included a VHS festival from Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam in collaboration with Trade Gallery; a new work by Via Vaudeville! in collaboration with writer Darren Simpson; a new sculptural installation by Tom Godfrey; an interactive video and sculptural installation from Joseph Hallam; a solo show including a new durational performance by Candice Jacobs; and a collaborative project examining burial rituals from Jeff Baker & Alex Stevenson.




THE DUST ON THE MOTH: 22 – 30 October

A new work in collaboration with Nottingham based writer Darren Simpson. The work encompassed a specific environment relating to Simpson’s unpublished work The Dust on the Moth – “a tapestry of otherworldly farce, thorny fairytale and domestic drama, dedicated to the faint line between the mundane and the mythological”. A specially created audio track was continuously played via a radio in the space.

Extracts from the The Dust on the Moth are available via the specially made website:

More information: ViaVaudeville.com

TOUCH DOWN: 3 – 10 November

Touchdown was a solo show from Stand Assembly artist Joseph Hallam, which brought together a selection of new work including digital prints, sculpture and video which explore the artist’s idea of dread and destruction. Looking at the experience society has with disaster through varying forms of media such as movies, computer games, and comics, Hallam depicts future worlds and apocalyptic events where our own ‘reality’ has the ability to shift into realms of fiction.


Trade, a gallery which was based at One Thoresby Street, was founded and is currently directed by Stand Assembly artist Bruce Asbestos. Trade worked with the Rotterdam VHS Festival to present a group exhibition by Dutch and Central European artists in the Attic accompanied by an evening of short experimental film.

The Rotterdam VHS festival takes place in the artist run space, “Kunst & Complex”, and was located in a former factory building on the edge of Rotterdam’s city centre. Rotterdam VHS festival is organised by Niels Post, Jeroen Bosch, Jeroen Kuster, Han Hoogerbrugge and Leon Duenk.

Trade gallery has been developed to provide additional routes of engagement and criticism with contemporary art. Often citing itself within existing structures, Trade seeks to develop relationships with a range of institutions and individuals.



ORANGE IN NETS: 20 – 24 November

Currently working on the MFA at Glasgow School of Art, Tom Godfrey presented a solo exhibition of new sculptural and site responsive work in the One Thoresby Street Attic space.

Tom Godfrey is also the curator of Keep Floors and Passages Clear which will also site it’s final showing at One Thoresby Street for Sideshow before touring to White Columns in New York in 2011.

Tom would like to acknowledge John A Stephens with the generous support of certain materials in this exhibition – www.johnastephens.co.uk


TOO MUCH: 26 November – 1 December

For the One Thoresby Street Attic Programme, Stand Assembly artist Candice Jacobs presented a solo exhibition that investigated ideas surrounding cultural materialism, popular culture, repetitive action, failure, anxiety and doubt, boredom, and boredom’s capacity to empty things of meaning through the process of repetition.

THE MODEL: 3 -8 December

‘The Model’ is an investigation by two artists into the arcane field of salvage ethnography. The investigation is centered on the relationship between two pieces of footage of the same place.

The Model Village is a figure-of-eight shaped housing estate, designed to utopian ideals by architect Percy B. Houfton, and built in 1895 for the families of workers at Cresswell Colliery in the northernmost corner of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The first piece of footage was shot at the colliery by a miner weeks before the closure of the pit in 1991, the second in 2000 by artist-to-be Catherine Hunter and her uncle Paul, who lived in the Model at the time.

Ten years on, in 2010, and the histories of the two films have become curiously intertwined, thanks to a chance meeting in Cresswell station cafe. Their disparate intentions are long obselete, separated by a decade of steady decline on the estate, and neither is descriptive of the place as it is now. Nonetheless, the two films resonate with an elusive truth and clearly belong together somehow. ‘The Model’ will investigate their shared history.

BURIED MONUMENT: 11 – 18 December

Stand Assembly artists Alexander Stevenson (currently living and working in Glasgow) and Jeff Baker have invited a number of video editors and artists to decipher the meaning and narrative within a collection of video footage and research material gathered by the artists for their ambitious Attic project. Using material evidence that surrounds a burial that recently took place in an undisclosed location within the UK, this project investigates the impact of subjectivity on documentary material. The video works build a collection of interweaving narratives, which form the first public stage of the artists ongoing research.