Stand Assembly is an artistu2019s studio collective. Since 2004, the group has made a diverse and active contribution to the local, regional and national art scenes, instrumental in forging the current thriving studio scene that exists in Nottingham.

The studio collective has acted as a breeding ground for some of the foremost artist-led projects and collaborative ventures in Nottingham including Trade Gallery, Keep Floors And Passages Clear, Moot , Institute of Boundary Interactions, LAB, Hinterland & The Reading Room and Annexinema.

In 2008 Stand Assembly moved into their new warehouse space in Nottingham next to BioCity and established the new working studio complex, One Thoresby Street. Alongside 26 new studio spaces One Thoresby Street is the new home to Attic, Visible Economies, Ground, Tristan Hessing Ltd.u00a0