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The After World Event

The After World Event

As part of the World Event Young Artists, One Thoresby Street presented After the World Event, an exhibition and event that used visions of a post-apocalyptic future to describe the ways in which people navigate global events.

The exhibition explored anxieties constructed through fictional representations of the way in which we think about the future.
Drawing on aesthetics of the cinematic, science fiction and media reportage After The World Event placed a number of WEYA artists alongside artists not selected as part of the World Event in an attempt to open up a dialogue about the role of such events on the futures of its selected individuals.

After The World Event was supported by a number of performances & events:

7 September

Featuring Esteban Lara aka. Van Did, Chris Matthews & Emily Wilczek, Esteban Lara, aka Van Did

A trippy and glitch filled performance of ambient yet oddly distorted futuristic other worldly soundscapes by this Producer & DJ

Chris Matthews & Emily Wilczek

Matthews & Wilczek will curate a responsive selection of Library music that connects to the wider themes within the exhibition

10 September:

One Thoresby Street Attic

Artist run orgainsations One Thoresby Street & Tether presented a triple feature screening. Three films presented in the Attic that share the common feature of addressing notions of bodily augmentation and our relationship with the inanimate and technological


14 September:

One Thoresby Street Attic

Seminal live artist Ron Athey talked about his recent work Gifts of the Spirit, a performance installation which used his memoirs as a starting point from which to create a collective-unconsciousness automatic writing machine featuring glossolalic chorus.

Born in 1961, Athey is a London-based artist from Los Angeles represented by Western-Projects Los Angeles, Invisible Exports NYC. Pleading In The Blood, a monograph of his work, will be released in 2013.