Thoresby Street Thursdays

Thoresby Street Thursdays

Thoresby Street Thursdays was a series of diverse, experimental, energetic, confrontational short exhibitions to profile the exciting work being produced by all of our then current studio members running from the beginning of March to the end of August. Each exhibition featured two or three studio based and alumni artists selected for similitudes or conflicts in their practices.


Exhibition Series


>>> Hannah Biggs & Finbar Prior >>>

1st – 10th March

The first Thoresby Street Thursday featured Finbar Prior and Hannah Biggs. Two members of One Thoresby Streets newest atelier group the Death of a Mauve Bat.

>>> Alex Pain, Matthew Jamieson & Kryssy Naylor >>>

15th – 24th March

>>> Sean Cummins & Neil Dixon >>>

29th March – 7th April

OTS Thursdays third exhibition featured Sean Cummins and Neil Dixon. Sean Cummins makes drawings using paint on paper, board and walls and is a lecturer and Nottingham Trent University. Neil Dixon works in sculpture, drawings and is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

>>> Marie Toseland, Institute for Boundary Interactions >>>

12th – 21st April

One Thoresby Street presented new work from Marie Toseland and Institute for Boundary Interactions in the 4th show in the Thoresby Street Thursdays series. The Institute for Boundary Interactions was an inderdisciplinary research collectinve that uses science, technology, art and design to explore complex connections between people, places and things, Marie Toseland is a Bristol based artist who has undertaken a residency at within Stand Assembly studios at One Thoresby Street.

>>> Bruce Asbestos & John Harris >>>

26th April – 5th May

>>> Leigh Cunningham & Peter Stonhold >>>

10th – 19th May


24th May – 2nd June

Nottingham Contemporary & One Thoresby Street. For the launch of Sleeping Upright, One Thoresby Street hosted two exhibitions:

The ground floor gallery featured the work of 5 artists who designed Artist Holding Pages for the Sleeping Upright website:
Simon Davenport, Bryan Dooley, Candice Jacobs, Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith & James E Smith

The Attic played host to a selection of curatorial online projects: with a new commission from Martin Cole with a new installation by Majed Aslam andChris Barr with an online exhibition and a new commission from Aurelien Mole with site specific collaborative work from Yves Scherer, Nigel Dunkley, Marlie Mul, Lauwrence Leaman, Jonny Aldous, Berry Patten a daily exhibition of looped video works in the gallery and on-line from Thomas Hardiman, Simon Mathers, Henrik Potter, Elizabeth Price, James Richards, Dominic Watson

Alongside these two exhibitions the opening programme also included an online exhibition; Reception Area which featured the work of ten female artists that changed every day between 24 May – 2 June 2012:
Elena Damiani, Karin Dolk, Anna Ihle, Leslie Kulesh, Rose O’Gallivan, Beatriz Olabarrieta, Hannah Perry, Clunie Reid, Samara Scott, Lucy Woodhouse

Reception Area sat alongside the Mika Rottenberg exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary and was on display in The Study at Nottingham Contemporary and online.

Sleeping Upright is a new project by Candice Jacobs.

>>> Dexter Prior & Pete McPartlan >>>

21st – 30th June

>>> Beth Bramich & Georgie Park >>>

5th – 14th July

>>> Beth Bramich & Georgie Park >>>

5th – 14th July

>>> Calvin Sangster, Tim Hattrick & Will Thompson >>>

16th – 25th August