TST: New Composites (Minuments and Amalgamates)

TST: New Composites (Minuments and Amalgamates)

New Composites (Minuments and Amalgamates) shows examples of recent works using the ongoing process of a visual, material language that has developed to become central to my practice. This involves the creation of sculptural objects and choreographed arrangements composed of fragments, parts or elements that continually change and breed within the studio environment, finally finding their inherent character once set and presented amongst each other within a specially composed viewing environment.

The language reflects core themes of the simplicities and complexities of play and relationship, which often straddle both the domestic and the theatrical. I work across a variety of materials and scales, often combining multiple hand making processes in the development of each object or series. The majority of works in this show are a return to using an intimate scale, focusing on surface texture and colour playing off familial carved, built or collected forms.


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