Join us for ‘Soft Play Sanctuary’ the third Thoresby Thursdays in the 2020 series, featuring studio members Christos Gkenoudis and Leon Sadler!

PV 5th March 6:00-9:00pm.

Open by appointment 5th Mar – 8th Mar

Soft Play Sanctuary sits somewhere between Fashion Collection and Sculptural Installation: an ethereal, interactive collaboration between artists Christos Gkenoudis and Leon Sadler. A ‘Little friendship between works that would have been made anyway’ that invites the audience to involve themselves and experience what the duo have created in a very immediate way.

Leon’s works cross the boundaries between sculpture and accessory, being a midpoint between existing sculptures of varying statures. At once objects for snuggling and armour to strap on to yourself. Sadler makes it clear however, that this is not armour for battle, but for retreat: for the creation of a space for passivity that is ‘anti-power culture’ and ‘anti-empowerment’.

‘What if empowerment isn’t ‘you’? What are your options? Pause and accept the positive sides of weakness, softness and passivity *sigh*’

Christos is adding to and augmenting Leon’s armour, creating outfits of flowing fabric, soft sculpture and straps: cloaks of tranquility, straight from a different world, where tenderness is the key. Drawing from a DIY ethos Gkenoudis strives to make work that embodies vulnerablity & the temporary.

‘Stopping time. Falling into clouds. A snapshot of what feeling is, what passivity is: it’s about the letting go, about acceptance, going down the river, opening up.’


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