Vogue Event & Workshop

Vogue Event & Workshop

28th November 10pm – 4am // One Thoresby Street presents the 2nd VOGUE dance workshop and Club Night.  An event to promote, educate and celebrate VOGUING – showcasing new and exciting Vogue Trax being produced in the UK and beyond, as well as sharing the history and current Vogue scene through the workshop hosted by Benjamin Milan.


One half of London club night House Of Trax, and owner of label Trax Couture. Rushmore’s mix of old way Vogue, UK club music and New way Vogue beats are at the forefront of a burgeoning scene brewing here in the UK. Recent gigs in Tokyo and Hong Kong have seen his work translate on a global level, this spring he’s set to carry out a slew of dates across UK and Europe.

Launched in the summer of 2014, AERIAL is a London based event pushing all that is past, present and new in club music. Founded by DJs/Producers 199? and AQWEA, their sets explore a mutual appreciation for the aesthetics found in 90’s club music, Vogue soundtracks and newer forms of instrumental genres. Following their successful nights, AERIAL have recently expanded into a monthly show on Radar Radio and are preparing to release an exclusive compilation with various UK & US artists this spring.

Ni-Kü (aftertouch)
A DJ, Sound Artist and Vocalist based in Brighton. Playinh Vogue Trax mixed with darker UK forms to floors in Brighton, London, and at the Voguing party earlier in the year at One Thoresby Street, Ni-Kü is hype to come back and werq with the Nottingham runway once more.


Benjamin Milan

As part of the 2nd VOGUE event at One Thoresby Street we invite you to come and learn the foundations of Voguing from Benjamin Milan (from the New York based Legandary House of Milan). Voguing is about embracing yourself and being proud to express yourself for who you are. The class is for everyone 13+ years, regardless of previous experience – don’t be scared, don’t be shy – give your runway walk a try …
The class focuses on Vogue performance, going through elements of Posing, Hand performance, Runway, Dips, Floor performance, Geisha walks/Duck walks etc.

The same community vibe you can feel in an amazing club is the same vibe we try to create when Voguing together. Come and be you ♥

This is an introductory workshop to Voguing explaining the foundations of the style, going through the 5 elements and learning how to pose, WERK the runway, and embrace how Voguing is a celebration of individuality and being free to express yourself, without judgement. Owning it.

Facebook event and how to book tickets here.

VISUALS – by One Thoresby Street artist – MW (http://mdoubl.eu/)